Have you been priced out of lessons?

 The #changethetune campaign, run by amateur musicians and parents, and endorsed by many professional musicians, has raised £16,000 to pay for the initial steps in a potential legal challenge, arguing that it is against the law for local authorities to charge fees for any aspect of school education.

You can learn more about the campaign, and make a pledge here:


If you are a young person who has been priced out of these lessons, or you are the parents of children who have had to stop receiving these lessons because the fees in your area are unaffordable, you may wish to speak to the leader of the #changethetune campaign, Ralph Riddiough, for a confidential discussion about how the legal team he has assembled might be able to help you assert your right - or your child's right - to free school education. Not only does the law prohibit local authorities from charging for "school education", the law gives every child the right to free "school education" and so there may be help at hand.

Ralph can be contacted by click the button below.